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Rock On Down The Road Cake Decorating Kit

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One Rock On Down The Road Cake Kit. This hilarious cake decoration adds a bit of old, slowpoke humor to your aging friend or family member's birthday celebration. The Rock on Down the Road decoration can even be attached with suction cups to their car's rear window for even more laughs after the party. Everyone will have a good chuckle when you decorate a cake with this great decorating kit, so order today and take advantage of our FREE shipping offer on qualifying orders.

Regular Cake
Rock On Down The Road Cake Kit

Supplies needed: Rock On Down The Road Cake Kit
1/4 sheet cake

Icing Tips Needed:
#4, #21, and #32


1. Using an open coupler, pipe White hills and mound for Layon placement.
2. Airbrush roadway Ivory #10904.
3. Airbrush grass Olive Green #5902.
4. Using tip #4, pipe Black #9501 road as shown.
5. Using tip #21, pipe Olive Green #5837 and Neon Green #9640 mixed trees and grass as shown.
6. Place DecoSet items onto cake. Note: If a clear plastic tray is provided, place toy/decoration onto tray prior to placing on food.
7. Using tip #32, pipe Red Red #9139 shell borders.
8. Pipe inscription upon customer™s request.
9. Place warning sticker on outside of cake box.

Please note that this cake decorating set does not include the cake, icing, icing colors, or icing tips