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Ice Cream Baking Cups 16 count

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One 16 count package of 1.25 inch tall Ice Cream Baking Cups. These liners measure 2 inches across the bottom and feature a cool watermelon! Create your delicious concoctions with your favorite ingredients and wrap them in our colorful cupcake liners for the perfect finishing touch. Our Ice Cream Baking Cups are also a playful way to serve small treats, such as cookies, nuts, and candies!

Tip: For extra brightness, layer two liners together before pouring in your mix, or use a foil liner under the paper one.

Place your Ice Cream Baking Cups on a cookie sheet and fill them with a scoop of ice cream each. Place in the freezer ahead of time. When it is time for the party, you can garnish them with syrup and sprinkles, and serve them up to your guests, hassle-free.
One 16 count package of Ice Cream Baking Cups. Each cup measures 2 inches across the flat bottom and is the standard baking cup size.