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Hippie Grunge Jumbo Add-An-Age Banner

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One 10.3 foot Teen Grunge Jumbo Add-An-Age Banner.
Each banner includes:
One jointed banner with a 10 inch decorative medallion for customizing
Two sets of 2 x 4 inch numerals 0-9
One set of 2.25 x 3 inch suffixes: RD, ST, TH, ND
Six pieces of double sided tape
Use your double-sided tape to customize your Teen Grunge Jumbo Add-An-Age Banner to reflect the age of the guest of honor. Hang your Teen Grunge Banner across the party room, along a wall, or across the front of a party table. Add a personal touch to your Teen Grunge Banner by fastening latex balloons and long curling ribbon streamers to the ends.