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Batman Deluxe Centerpiece

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One 14 x 13 x 14 inch Batman Deluxe Centerpiece. No one has super-cool gadgets like Batman does, and the massive Batcomputer is one of his most important crime-stopping tools! This fold-out Batman Centerpiece brings the Batcomputer to your tabletop with vivid images of computer screens and buttons. Batman's Villain Alert screen features The Joker, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, Two-Face, The Penguin, and The Riddler. Change characters by turning the wheel behind the Bat Symbol. Guests sitting on the other side of the table will not be disappointed either. This Batman Centerpiece features a black and white comic book design on the reverse side, with a brightly-colored cutout of The Dark Knight in flight. This centerpiece is so cool, your child will want to display it in his or her room after the party!